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Neha Parekh
Neha Parekh (14th Batch Student)

Comprehensive syllabus with experienced and enthusiastic teachers. Many real life examples woven along with subject matter from the books to add to the knowledge in the field of Clinical Research. Overall, a very enjoyable and great learning experience.
Thank you very much...

Sonal (14th Batch Student)

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude towards all the teachers, Dr. Mary Francis, PV teacher and CDM trainer for providing us the best training in the field of Clinical Research Industry for ones who wish to build a career in this blooming field.
The study materials were a great source of knowledge that I can always refer to. The quality of education cannot be more efficient. More than just usual classes we had great fun during the trainings and grew a beautiful bond with each other. I would also like to thank Mary mam for keeping us updated with any job openings and also helping us with information whenever needed.
It has been a wonderful journey and I convey all my wishes and luck to all the new students at CRIMSON.

Zaneerah S
Zaneerah S (14th Batch Student)

Crimson is such a great institute which took me a level ahead in my career.
Dr.Mary Francis is such a good motivator and inspiration.
Her positive attitude and wonderful teaching skills make this institute a great learning platform.
She has a very disciplined and honest approach in managing the institute.
Well qualified staff to train you from beginning to end.
I appreciate the efforts of each and every staff member to make this course easy and interesting.
I am grateful to be a part of this course and i wish lots of success to the entire team of Dr.Mary Francis.

Divya (14th Batch Student)

I Divya Patel working as Research Fellow (Non Medical) at Tata memorial Hospital, Parel. I met Dr. Mary in Mid – 2015 to get information related to courses provided by CRIMSON. I had finished my M.sc. Biotechnology in 2011.But i didn’t get pure opportunity to work in my desired field even after 5 years of my struggle. Then i have decided to move on with something which can provide me opportunity to work with corporate world. I was guided by Dr. Mary for this course & finally i had started P.G.Diploma in Clinical research & Management in Feb-2016 & completed in March -2017. The Syllabus of course is so specific to Clinical Research practices & i learnt so many things related to particular. We got good response from Lecturer whenever we had queries related to any subjects or topics. We were also guided for practical approaches after course by Faculties.
I have not only gained knowledge of Clinical Research but learnt so many principles of life by meeting various friends from different streams in my class during the course. I experienced & learned so many things in a single year of my course. I heartily want to thank Dr.Mary as well as other faculty to fulfill us with the knowledge they had & they experienced during their life.

mansi kapoor

Till 3 yrs back I was not sure what to do with my life, dad had been transferred to Kolkata, I had finished my Masters in Biotechnology didn’t know where my life is heading. It was then I decided to move out of Kolkata, for that I needed a strong reason and CRIMSON was that reason for me.
By this time I had already been introduced to the field of Clinical Research and had done training in the same as well. I decided to take up Clinical Research as my career option. The goal was set the path had to be determined. CRIMSON was that path.
As I look back at the path I feel so proud of myself for having chosen CRIMSON to design my career path and guide me. I will not deny that I had a few apprehensions initially but I had complete trust in the management of the institute. I trusted them that they will always give me the correct opinion and opportunity.
I clearly remember after completing my industrial training there was a point wherein I had an offer from the company where I had done my training but it was a conditional offer, that’s when Dr. Mary guided me towards another opportunity and I trusted them. The opportunity was MASCOT SPINCONTROL.
Once I joined Mascot Spincontrol there was no looking back. I have worked with the company for over 2 years now and my loyalty for the company has just multiplied in this duration, hope the company gives me the opportunity to serve it for many more years to come.
The best thing about CRIMSON is that this is not an institute it’s a family because once you are a part of it then it’s for life. The management does not forget its alumni after placements. The management is there for us always. Having said that I would also insist that one must complete trust and faith in the institute and should be willing to give his/her 100% to the training and studies only then will the bond develop completely.

disha shah

I came in touch with Crimson through the internet. I met Dr. Mary. Mam They guided me for my career path and today when I look back I don’t regret doing Clinical research. The training imparted at Crimson was "learning by doing". We not only had lectures but also training at a CRO called Mascot spincontrol.
After completion of my course I started working at Mascot Spin control as a Junior Clinical Research Associate, a Job opportunity that I got because of Crimson.
I am very happy with the training provided to me & my job
I thank Dr. Mary Mam for this.
Thank you

shradha palav

I would like to show my sincere gratitude to Dr. Mary Francis Maa’m & the Lecturers at CRIMSON for providing guidance to me throughout the course. During the course period at CRIMSON practical training for different aspects of Clinical Research was provided in a professional Clinical Research Organization which separates CRIMSON from other institutes. Highlight part of the course for me was that even before completing the course I was placed as CRA at Mascot Spincontrol India Pvt. Ltd. Also I have successfully completed 3 years in Mascot Spincontrol India Pvt. Ltd.

shweta patil

" Crimson a great asset in Clinical Research "I want to express my sincere appreciation to all in helping me to achieve my PG in clinical research from Crimson, Special Thanks to Dr. Mary Francis for her guidance and Motivation all trough and Dr. Mary for encouraging me to take the most Important step in my life. With this degree I can now look forward in progressing my career with more tools in my portfolio to face my everyday challenges.I am thankful for providing me the opportunity to work as a Project Management Associate in Mascot Spincontrol India Pvt Ltd. all I can say is It is my dream job and I am loving living it each day .

shradha jadhav

I have successfully completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research at CRIMSON - an Institute which I highly recommend. Sincere thanks go to Dr. Mary Francis for their professional, constant support and dedication; to all lectures and Job assistance provided by them. I would like to show my gratitude for the opportunity given to me as Executive- Quality Assurance in Mascot Spincontrol India Pvt.Ltd. Since learning is an on-going process, CRIMSON is not just about learning, but fun!!

salony tankaria

After completing my Bachelors in Microbiology, I choosed Crimson for my career path and to guide me with my future. Crimson helped me develop my overall personality, building confidence and provided wide knowledge. The Job opportunity I got from Crimson was excellent. The opportunity was Mascot Spin control. I am working as a Junior Clinical Research Associate in Mascot Spin control. The overall experience is Crimson is very good. It’s like a family. Dr Mary is always there for us whenever we need them. I am proud to be a Crimsonite. Thank you.

tejaswini shirapuri

I have completed Advances Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Research at CRIMSON. The course was very well structured, covering since basics to advanced knowledge about many aspects of clinical research. The overall experience during the Six Months Training period was extremely informative, knowledgeable which not only helped me to understand the operational, technical aspects about researching, but also about working in group.
I have been employed by Mascotspincontrol.India.Pvt.Ltd. From last six month. Because of training period I could effectively fill the role of CRA. The work environment at Mascotspincontrol.India. Pvt.Ltd. is one of flexibility, innovation, team work, and growth. Every day I learn something new that enables me to broaden my knowledge.
Before the course my knowledge in clinical research was like a pile of bricks stacked in a disorderly fashion. My feeling is that the course put good cement between the bricks and formed a solid and larger wall, which represents my current knowledge in this area."
My deepest thanks to Dr.Mary Francis (CEO of CRIMSON) for guiding and correcting me with attention and care.
and also for her extending support and helping nature whenever I needed. My deep sense of gratitude and appreciation to the Institution and faculty members of Mascot Spincontrol India Pvt. Ltd for their support in teaching and building up my performance in training period.

shivling velekar

I want to express my deepest gratitude for all of your encouragement and support. Crimson institute provided with me such knowledge and support system that I was able to secure a full-time position before the end of my studies.
Right now I am working in Mascot which is cosmetic CRO here my current position working as CRA. It’s been 2 years I have been working in this company. The senior staff is very helpful and approachable. Company has very pleasant working environment and everyone is very cooperative. It’s been a great experience is to be a part of this company.


I had a very good experience with ICTCR. What I liked about the institution is that the management panel did not advertise the institute; they did not say ‘join us & you’ll get so & so salary’ instead they advised us to stay with one company, get some experience and the money will flow in’. I also had a wonderful opportunity to make new friends.


I gained good experience and knowledge during the training. The course gave us good insight in Clinical Research. Initially I was unaware about Clinical Research, but at the end of the course. I can say that I know quite a bit of Clinical Research. I am thankful to the Institution for enriching my knowledge


Learning at ICTCR was a great experience. We actually came to know about basics of Clinical Research. Working in CROs i.e., training gave us the practical knowledge of Pharma industry. I sincerely thank ICTCR for conducting such a wonderful course.


It was an overall wonderful experience for us, the first batch. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the management for their constant effort and support.


The on-job training offered is awesome. This makes ICTCR stand part from other institutes The management was kind and wonderful. I am very grateful.


Due to this course, I got a new experience, which would be very helpful to me in my future life. As this course gives practical training along with lectures, I would like to suggest, that this is one of the best institutes for this course.


I liked the institute syllabus very much and all the lecturers were good.

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